Sunday, September 26, 2010

Donate Blood – Save a Life

There is no other Noble cause as Blood Donation in this world. Human Body just takes 24 hours to generate the equivalent amount of blood which one donates. Average human body has around 10 units of blood out of which one unit is taken during donation.

Most of the time Blood requirement exceeds the supply, why so? The demand and supply of Human blood is incomparable, as per the available facts annual requirement of blood in India is 40 million Units and the sad part is only 4 million units are available. The pride and feeling of donating blood and giving someone a life back is unexplainable, then why are we running out of it.

Science has not yet found a technique to manufacture human blood hence can only be made available from generous donors. A blood unit donated by you can save lives of three human beings. You never know when you can save a life of small kid who has just learnt to walk or a young life that has zeal to fulfil his/her dreams like you and me or a father whom his children look up.

As per the standards a normal/healthy human being can donate blood every three months, which means 4 units in a year and you can go up to the age of 60 years, so count how many units you can donate till you reach 60, and multiply those units with 3, that is the number of lives you can save.

Most commonly answer from people who do not donate blood is that “They never thought about it”. Till Jun 2010, I was also in this category of never thought about it. In June 2010 I came across a situation wherein someone needed blood urgently and I never gave a thought before agreeing to it. I felt really proud after helping the needy.

The feeling was so noble that I took a pledge to donate blood every three months and added reminder in my phone calendar for next due date for donation.

On 25th Sep 2010 I went to AIIMS Delhi for Voluntary Blood Donation. Since Doctors and other hospital staff understands the importance of blood donation, everyone there was looking at me with great respect when they heard that I have come for Voluntary Blood Donation. They treated me really well unlike their normal style. Donation process takes hardly 25 minutes from filling form till the completion of donation and refreshment.

This time I felt happier than when I donated first time. The difference which I could make is that in my first donation it was not me who took the initiative, someone really needed it so I offered my services there, whereas in second donation it was me who took the initiative for this noble cause.

Looking at our economy and average age of our country (somewhere between 24 to 29 Years) the significant difference in demand and supply makes me really wondering where is our youth hiding? Let’s stand for this noble cause together and carry a feeling of pride of being human.

Based on my experience I can tell you that it has no side effects at all and No weakness. Some words of precaution like avoid driving or travelling till half an hour of donation, No weightlifting or workout at least for a day and avoid any kind of physical stress for 24 hours at least.

Do it once and you will really realise that this is the noblest thing you ever have done and share it with your network with proud, because believe me nothing is greater than saving lives without any expectations, that’s called the HUMANITY.


  1. Hi,

    first time on ur blog.

    really happy to read this post.

    Wish more youngsters think like you.

    tc (following you!)


    PS: I too write on social issues, found u from indiblogger.

  2. some problem with my connection, not able to follow right now.

    do visit my blog, and stay in touch.

  3. Hi !! Thanks for parking here. I truly believe that all youngsters should come forward for such things.


  4. Not many individuals are comfortable with the idea of blood donation.It requires almost no efforts to give blood.

    car donation programs

  5. Hi

    I was just looking up a link for donating blood and came accross your blog. My birthday is around the corner and I have encouraged all my friends and family to celebrate by making a blood donation. Well written post


  6. @Kuan, Completely agree with you. We need to encourage people for this.
    @Rupa, Many happy birthday in advance, Thanks for encouraging poeple for noble cause.



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