Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bike Tour - Leh to Kargill (Day 10)

It was time to starting our journey back home. Kargill was the destination for the day. An easy ride in the planes of Ladakh region and transition from deserts to Green Lush valley of Kashmir always spellbound people.

This was my third consecutive trip to Ladakh and similar to past two departures from Leh, this time as well I started the ride with heavy heart. Wishing that I will get another chance to visit Ladakh we wrapped up the stuff.

Though the roads are pretty easy to ride on this route but that does not mean that it is not serene. Couple of Kilometers from Leh and we get to see a famous "PattharSahib Gurudwara". Devotees from different corner of world comes here to serve and assist Military which has been running the show for ages.

The next attraction on this route is called "Magnetic Hills". After few curves from PattharSahib, there lies this mysterious spot. On first glance this place does not any different. A flat road in the middle of deserts and giant mountain with no vegetation in front of it. This Giant mountain supposedly contains good enough amount of magnetic that it can pull/shake a bigger things as an aeroplane. The road in front of the mountains looks an upward slope and all the vehicles get pulled up automatically. On contrary I found that road as downward slope. Its all about illusion. But still remains a huge attraction of people.

The third attraction of people is "Sangam" where two rivers Indus and Zanskar meets each others. The best ever view of two rivers Sangam.

With continuous riding of an hour when we were feeling a need for break, a landslide forced us to park our machine on side and wait. We met lot of people here who were on also waiting for the BRO to clear the landslide. The wait was as longer as two hours.

The day had grown hot and hard sun had started hitting us. We stopped for a lunch at one of the small dhaba on the border of Ladakh Region and Kashmir.

Ride after lunch was smooth in the middle of Kashmir valley. As per the plan we reached late evening at Kargil.


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