Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Royal Enfield Classic 500 - A Gift of New Year 2011

New Year 2011 brought me a Gift of Black Color Royal Enfield Classic 500 at Chandigarh. It was around mid of December 2010 when I got the call from Royal Enfield dealer from Chandigarh about the arrival of much awaited Classic 500. I made a plan to make it as early as possible to travel from Delhi and get it, however it was 2011 gift, so I planned to buy it on 1st of Jan 2011, that is how I call it A Gift of New Year 2011.

The zeal to own a Royal Enfield started when I traveled to Leh in Jul 2010. I had hired Pulsar 150 CC in Leh to ride to various corners of Leh for six days. There I realized the true power of Royal Enfield, it works well in almost all conditions like extreme peak, snow, water, sand, low oxygen altitudes and list goes on and on.

With all the thoughts and so called 'research' on iternet about various models of Royal Enfield, I concluded at the most expensive and efficient model of Royal Enfiled; Classic 500.

Things which attracted me to buy Royal Enfield Classic 500 :
  1. Air Cooled and Fuel Injection 500 CC Engine
  2. Fuel Efficiency of around 35kmpl
  3. Vintage bike look and Unique look from other Royal Enfield models
  4. Ground Clearance of 140 mm
  5. Zapper Rear Tyre
This bike has been really made with special special attention and surely lot of R&D on it. As I read Royal Enfield official site it says, "The Classic 500 comes to India. Armed with a potent fuel injected 500cc engine and clothed in a disarmingly appealing post war styling, this promises to be the most coveted Royal Enfield in history. For those who want it all. The power, the fuel efficiency, the reliability and simple, yet drop dead gorgeous classic styling. The view is simply better when you are astride a Royal Enfield Classic 500 – whether moving or still. Nothing more to be said."

Basis small experience of four days with 400 KM ride, I can understand the meaning of each and every word written by Royal Enfield to describe this model. Be it power,style, Classic view, performance or reliability, it over delivers in all aspects.

For me it was a big change from 150 CC Pulsar to 500 CC Royal Enfield, so learnt the Power of RE in thrilling manner in traffic of Chandigarh wherein it produced stunning acceleration with minor torque, thankfully no one came under it.

Over and above all, seat has been designed in such a manner that rider is most comfortable while riding. Zapper rear tyre adds more into it by providing stability to the bike and leaning left and right becomes real fun.

Few things which disappointed me little :-
  1. Pricing - INR 140 thousand. I feel it is overpriced however who can stop crazy people like me
  2. Six month waiting - This baby has a waiting of Six months, so need lots of patience to get one, especially people like me find it really difficult to wait for such a long time.
I do not have any third thing to mention as far as disappointment is concerned.

As I ride this bike I enjoy every bit of it, be it torque, Engine sound, seating, power, control or hydraulic disk brakes.

After owning a Vintage styling bike, now I am looking forward for long bike trip soon.


  1. The images look splendid.How is the bike? Any complaints or annoyances??

  2. Hey Thanks Binny...I am fully enjoying the bike. No Complaints at all except that since she has tasted the fun of long drive (See next post for that), she is looking forward for one more long drive. :)



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