Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blue Moon on White Snow

19th Jan 2011, Full Blue Moon Day and I was at my native place Chamba Himachal.We had a small function at home wherein around 200 people had turned up.

We were wrapping the function by around 5:45 PM and darkness has started spreading around. I was tired with long hectic day that too without food (fasting).

Smoothly the moon light eliminated the darkness which was present for a while. I looked at the moon and I was stun to see the beauty of blue moon.

Almost five times bigger than previous day I had seen the moon. The moon rose straight in front of the house behind mountains fully covered with snow. As it rose, it was partially hiding behind thin clouds wherein one could see the silver color light passing through clouds.

For a while view became the most beautiful when Sun rays added orange color into the clouds and the reflection on snow looked just awesome.

As the moon came up and Sun rays disappeared, the entire landscape which was covered with feets of snow looked like a Silver mine and it was not less than a heaven.

Calmness after noisy and hectic day made these occasional moments soothing to me.

I watched the moon for long and realized that I had never noticed the beauty of Blue moon, Its a City Life effect wherein we tend to ignore such great things.


  1. Wonderful the moon above the mountains. Snow and moon light is fantastic specially in the mountains.



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