Monday, November 30, 2009

Ohhh My Lord !!!

Ohhh My Lord !!!

What a mystery.....Sometimes you make me happy and I float in the Air; Sometims tilts me deep down into the sea of sadness and feeling of being guilty for my actions an inactions.....What exactly is this ??

Why did you give me a Heart and Mind, both seems to be going into the different directions ??
There is lot of Fire and Hunger inside me, to prove my mettle, to be recognised as an Icon, to outperform everyone whom I lookup.....
The Fire is on extreme and Hunger is just unbearable, God help me by taking out my heart which becomes very saddddd many a times......

Why did you make me so emotional to people around me ? Why did you create situations around me like that ???? Why ??

I feel as if I am trying to find my self at place where nothing exists; I don't know when and where I lost myself ??

God !! Give me some Direction......I am waiting for that, I am running out of support without which I will not reach at right place to spread the fire and fulfill my Hunger.....
I am blessed with everything which I need to to prove my mettle, to be recognised as an Icon, to outperform everyone whom I lookup..... But I am not like you because I don't have control over two "Devils" you have given me..... I need you to convert them into "Angels"

Ahhh, I am filled with lot of storm inside me, I want to put it ?? I am not clear whether I am on the right track or not ???

Ohh My God, help me else I would come upto you......

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I wish !!

I want to cry;  I want to sleep
I want to rest; I want to relax !!
I want to go away from this world.....
I am upset; I am angry......
I am disappointed; I am depressed.........

I dont want to talk to anyone !!!
I dont want to go anywhere....
I dont want to live...
I want someone whom I can trust, whom I can love, who support me and who trust me.................

This world is really not the place for me..... This world is a cage.... and I am crying to breath in the sky with fresh air..... someone tell me how would it be done....

Why does all this happen ?
Life always swings between extremes of happiness and sorrows, why can't life be balanced ?
Why can't this world be a beautiful place to live ?

I wish........ (I dont know), so on so forth...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Haridwar Rishikesh !!.. "A Blend of Spirituality and Fun"

The SACRED GANGA River, Swimming, Trekking, River Rafting, Honest & Humble People and so on so forth. Over and above there is great market in Haridwar for shopping addicts. Yes there is something more to it, which is delicious vegetarian food for foodies. I have more to add to it that Government has done a lot to attract more and more people here. The list is not over yet, it is also a hub of Temples.....

Lord Shiva Image Welcomes you to Spiritual City Haridwar. My friend and me entered Haridwar early morning, so we could enjoy the invaluable view of sunrise.

Haridwar is full of saints and priests, places like Hari ki Paudi and temples are flooded with saints from various places of country. We come accross a teenager dressed up in Lord Shiva's get up and I could not resist myself from clicking some pictures with him.

The next destination for us was Mansa Devi Temple, we learned that it is just five minutes walk from Har Ki Paudi. Believe me it was not five minutes, it was actually half an hour trek on steep stairs. Jeetu was completely tired whereas I did not panic much. Experience here was horrible. Priests are completely commercialised, they ask donations from everyone which I did not like. I believe that donation is something which is individual descrition and faith in Godess. But exactly opposite. Mansa Devi Temple is situated on the top of hill so entire Haridwar City can be seen from here.

On the way to Mansa Devi Temple we came to know that Mansa Devi Temple is also connected with Cable Car. It did not excit me because I knew that It is going to be very costly deal. We enquired from Local people about the charges and I was shocked, it was only Rs 47/- per passenger. Jeetu wanted to experience it so we dediced to go for it. While buying tickets I came to know that Cable Car is also connected to Chandi Devi Temple, so I bought two tickets for Chandi Devi Temple, we paid Rs 117/- each, since the distance was almost double of Mansa Devi Temple, the fare was higher here. But this was a surprise to me because I paid Rs 400/- per person at Timber Trail in Himachal Pradesh near Chandigarh.

The experience at Chandi Devi Temple was not different from Mansa Devi Temple, highly money driven activties.
It was now 12:00 PM in the noon, we needed rest now, so we decided to find out decent hotel. It was not so difficult at Haridwar to hunt for a Hotel. Easily we could get very cheaper Room of Rs 300/- and we went for a two hour sleep. Later on we ordered lunch and what we got was unfogettable. Normal but delicious food. Even his Tandoori Roti had unique taste.

Post lunch we headed towards Haridwar Market and finally landed at again Har Ki Paudi at 5:00 PM.

This is a spiritual place, people from different corners of world come here. Hindu's have tremendous faith in this place and Sacred Ganga River. We felt so relaxed here, almost we spent three to four hours here.
Everyday Sacred Ganga is worshiped here in the morning and evening both. It is big attration for people. People started gathering much before the worship.

A view of Sacred Ganga River Worship in the evening. Thousands of people gather everyday.
After wokship of Ganga, we jumped into market. People here are really very humble and honest. You need to bargain but prices are not exceptionally higher.

Next Day we headed towards Rishikesh. Rishikesh is 30-40 KM away from Haridwar and is connected by Road. We took local bus and reached Rishikesh in 45 minutes. Totally opposite to Haridwar, this place did not seemed too crowded at all. We got down at Local Bus Stand, Auto Rickshaw took us to Ram Jhoola, the main attraction for tourists in Rishikesh. This is the place where we could see Ganga River first time. In Haridwar the flow was diverted from Har Ki Paudi for cleaning purpose, which would be open by Diwali.

It is really difficult for me to explain in words the happiness which I got when I reached the place Ram Jhoola. Calm Ganga River is beautiful.

There is another good example of facilities available here. Boat charges only Rs 10/- per person to cross the

River Rafting is the main attraction. It costs Rs 500/- to 800/- per person. We could not do River Rafting due to shortage of time, moreover you need to have a group of around 6 people then only you would be able to enjoy it completely.

And then we went for Swimming. Its really different experience and not easy to swim here. But I did enjoy it thoroughly.

The water was too cold even during daytime.
The River is too deep here, lot of risk is involved, but there is nothing called "Risk Fee" in this world.

After refreshing for hours in river we were very hungry. While going towards food spot, we met one foreigner, very simple and beautiful girl. I asked to click some pictures and she agreed, not a surprise.

A famous Restaurant called "Chotiwala Restaurant" at Ram Jhoola is known for its delicious preparations.

The A man dressed up as "Chotiwala" to Welcome people.
Completely money minded people here, he whispered while I was standing with him "Dakshina Dete Jaana".

Last place of our journey was Lakshman Jhoola, 10 KM away from Ram Jhoola. We took Auto Rickshaw (People call it "Vikram", dont know why). It is almost same as Ram Jhoola place. The only difference here is that all River Rafting, Trekking and Camping Agents are located here. For my information only, I convinced one agent for Rs 400/- per person.

I forgot to mention that at Lakshman Jhoola, you can take a ride of speed boats as well.

If I were to stay at Rishikesh for couple of days more, I would have turnded complete Rishi with long kesh, example is bearing Rudhraksh just by staying there for a day.

We headed towards Rishikesh Bus Stand to take Bus to Delhi. Every half an hour one bus goes to Delhi.

Overall this was excellent trip which I ever had with my friends. I would love to go there again especially for River Rafting and Swimming. Anyone who is interested is most welcome.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Live your Dreams !!...

Dream is way towards Unthinkable...
Dream is an Inspiration...
Dream is a Motivation to achieve........
Dream is a Thirst to prove.....
Dream is a God Gift to keep going forward.......
Dream is happiness, if achieved...

That's why we all work towards achieving our own dreams, I am no more different. But very few of us enjoys the achievement of dream, we all are so practical that many times we don’t even realise that our dream has fulfilled and we do not really enjoys it.

Acknowledgement of our own achievement gives an immense energy and faith in our self to move ahead much faster and efficiently. It’s a marathon whereby runner is charged with more and more energy to move ahead with every mile he / she finishes.

Road ahead of us is not an easy the way it looks to be. Dreams are always good to see but make sure you put all possible efforts to make them reality of the world. Lot many things have been made possible which were impossible in this world, with dedication and focus. IMPOSSIBLE word itself says that “I M POSSIBLE”.

No matter you see Dream with close eyes or open eyes, it is something which makes you crazy and you go beyond limits of your mind. Lot of people want to do mutliple things in life and put no efforts, are not called Dreams, it’s a wish list, which would never come true. So let’s make our wish lists a Dream and work towards it, trust me you will be the happiest person on the earth.

Let’s celebrate what we have done.
Let’s convert our wish list into Dream.
Let’s work to achieve what we Dream.
Let’s break the limits of our mind.
Let’s trust our selves and our own strengths.
Let’s make the best out of opportunity in front of us.
Let’s show everyone that faith is the biggest strength.
Last but not the least, “Everything starts from mind” and “Sky is the limit is an excuse, limits exists in mind”

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Million Dollar Question, What is Life ??

One Life only...One chance only...One opportunity only.....
But we all dont know the purpose of one life and one opportunity....given to us.

Life goes around only and only one thing, Money.
We work to earn money,
We live to earn money,
We struggle to earn money,
We loose to earn money,
We cry to earn money,
We love to earn money,
and so on so forth.......

But we still dont know what exactly is the purpose of life, why are we given this opportunity, this chance, this life ? And we reach our end when we realise that we have not done anything.

But million dollar question is what exactly we are suppose to do ?

Think of any situation in your life where you knew that this is the only chance or opportunity you have to prove mettle, like exams, an interview in a dream organisation or something else. I am sure you would have given your 100% in such situations. That is exactly we should do in our life......

We should live our life more than 100%, because this is the only opportunity, this is the only chance you have got.  Life is like a 20-20 Cricket World Cup Final where there are hardly places to make mistakes and learn.. Learn from mistakes of others and make out of it. Because you are running out of time.

Love the things around you, that will give sense of belongingness.
Love the pets and animals, they will teach you to be selfless.
Love the food you eat, that will give you unbeatable positive energy.
Love the work you do, others will respect you.
Love the people around you, they will reciprocate you.
Love your parents with respect, you will be blessed.
Love your teachers, their blessings will make you a strong and wise human being.
Love the world as family, the world for you will be beautiful.

Its like Four Seasons of weather - Changes colors with time.

Its like Sunrise to Sunset - Rises and Sets as Sun.

Its like Mountain Trekking - Climbing is tough but coming down is much difficult, we realise it later.

Its like Learning Curve, Starts with sharp steep but stagnates in second innings.

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Dont wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should should be enjoyed and savoured.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rain !!..

Its 7:20 in the evening and as usual I am playing with my Laptop.

Weather these days is too pleasant and looks like Monsoon timings have shifted from June-Aug to Sep-Nov, but on a serious note this unexpected behaviour of weather is all due to Global Warming and increasing pollution levels around us.

Today in office during lunch break I felt like winters have started, sky was full of light clouds and Calm Winds were moving clouds in one or the other direction. Cold winds were as if saying that let's fly without wings. Despite the work I spent little more time outside my office, because I knew this would not happen again.

Our office building is built of Glass, hence we can see outside from our workstations. It was 3:00 PM when it started raining slowely. As usual most of us kept on starring outside to enjoy the view, as if we all want to go outside and enjoy the rain. People outside our office started running to take shelter, two wheeler's accelerated their vehicles and some of them stopped between trees. In couple of minutes the link road was empty however the highway was still busy and vehicles moving on it made highway bit invisible with water. The weather looked as if Snowfall will start soon. It kept on drizzling till 5:00 PM.

When I left the office it was around 6:00 PM and it takes around 20 minutes to reach my Paying Guest. It was hardly five minutes when I moved out of office parking and it started raining heavily, I was on my bike and I had no rain coat with me. It was exactly opposite of what happened during day time. The rain was so heavy that in couple of minutes the roads were full of water, thanks to Gurgaon Municipality, No Sewerage Systems. The speed of all vehicles came down and started moving with the help of headlights as the Visibility was very poor.

In couple of minutes I was completely wet and it was difficult to drive bike, but I could not think of any alternate rather than to keep on moving slowely. One place which brought little hope was 'under construction Metro Station', the road goes below it. When I reached there, I think all bikers going towards Delhi were parked there, some of them were completely wet like me and some unlucky guys could predict the weather and were safe there. For a while it was like storm and water started coming there as well. All my clothes were sticking to the body, even it was difficult to take out cell phone from pocket. I always enjoys such experiences but this time I was little hesitant because of my shoes. Guys I have only one pair of formal leather shoes rest are casuals ans sports shoes.

I stood at metro station for half an hour, now cold winds had started hitting hard on wet body. Rain had stopped to an extent when I took a call to leave, some of other bikers also left. But when I came out of metro station it was much more hard for me to drive than earlier and despite my efforts to protect my shoes, I landed at my PG with wet shoes, offcourse clothes were also wet.

Sipping hot tea after such an exprience is like fulfillment of some long awaited wish. Now I dont know how will I go to office tomorrow with my wet shoes. I have one pair of shoes from Numero Uno, I will try them if it works, I dont know.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

If and then does not exists in real world......

On 13th August 2009, since morning I was excited as I was off from my office for next ten days. Actually I had planned to go to my native place Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. Chamba being very interior district of Himachal does not have train connectivity and needless to mention that no Airport as well. The only way to reach Chamba from Delhi is by Road.

Since I am in Gurgaon, it takes around 2 hours from Gurgaon to ISBT Kashmiri Gate in Delhi. I was visiting my hometown after 6 months. I hired a cab from Gurgaon and started at 3:00 PM. I dont remember when I slept in cab. I woke up at ISBT Kashmiri Gate only and I was shocked that its 4:50 PM. My bus was to leave at 5:00 PM sharp. I got down from Cab with my two luggage bags, one of them was really heavy almost twenty KG and I had to carry that.

It was a hot day with 39 Degree temprature with high humidity levels. As usual I started feeling uncomfortable, but no choice. Since we were close to Independance Day, the security was really tight at places like ISBT, it took me couple of minutes there in queue for checking.

I was agitated with the kind of crowd around and I was running out of time. To divert my mind I thought of updating my paying guest about my holidays as I had forgotten to update them in advance . I suddenly realised that I left my cellphone in cab. It was the moment when I could not do anything else than to go back to the place where cab dropped me, obviously the cab was not there.

Immediately I checked my pockets for any paper which would have my office number so that I would contact my office and would get Cab owner number and then I would be able to call driver to come back to the same place where he dropped me. As usual I did not have any paper in my pockets and my bags as well. Unfortunately this time I was not carrying my notebook also which has my cellphone back-up.

A small boy (physically challenged) who was running a mobile PCO shop, could notice my uncomfortableness. Although I knew that he would not have any telephone directory with him, I did not want to leave any options unexplored, so I asked him, but the answer obvious.

Next possibility which I could think at that time was Internet. But its India, no internet cyber cafe was around ISBT.
Disappointed and fully sweating, I entered the ISBT and asked few people for Internet if they have on their cellphone. Again disappointment.

The other option which I could think at that time was to find out Nestle brands on shop inside ISBT. Any product carry manufacturer address and contact numbers. Keeping that in mind I approached a shop but AGAIN DISAPPOINTMENT. No shop had kept Maggi Noodle, Nescafe Coffee, Chocolates, Eclairs etc. Immediately after it I realised that I have Milkybar Chocolates in my bag. I was so happy as if I got my cellphone back. I went to PCO shop with an enthusiasm and hope. But this was also for a while because the moment I looked at Milkybar chocolate it had only address. NO PHONE NUMBER.
As I mentioned in the beginning I did not want to leave any option unexplored, so I called on a number which was given on Milkybar Chocolate for "Consumer Complaints". Since it was already more than 5:30 PM no one attended that call. I replaced last 4 digits with some of friend's extension number but no one picked-up the call. Lastly someone attended that call and I requested her to connect me to the right person. But she had left for the day. Moreover it was a long weekend.

Now I was clear that I will not go home without Cellphone. So I went outside ISBT and took an Auto to the nearest place where Internet would be available. Auto driver could sense the urgency and he asked the reason for it. He showed bit of sympathy and quoted and heavy price. I agreed quitely to what he quoted. Auto driver asked me if he can provide me internet on cellphone, I said that would be great. He asked me to sit inside Auto meanwhile he will check with couple of his friends for GPRS enabled cellphone.

In absence of Auto driver I was thinking that even if I get internet now it will be of no use as I do not have any other number except my office numbers which is closed by this time.

Suddenly I realised "WHY I HAVE BEEN RUNNING HERE AND THERE TO FIND MY OFFICE NUMBER OR SOME OTHER CONTACT NUMBER, I HAVE MY OWN CELL NUMBER ?" In the meantime Auto driver came and said that I need to go to one of shop here to access internet on cellphone. Till this time I had ruled out the option of internet. I asked him to make a call on my cell number immediately. He called twice and said that cellphone has been switched off, I could not believe this. I called on my number and third time AND MY CAB DRIVER ATTENDED THE PHONE. His voice gave me such a big relief that I started feeling comfortable although I was sweating completely. I asked him to come back immediately to the same place where he dropped me. It was already 6:15 PM, traffic peak hours. He took 2 hours to come there.

Now it was 8:30 PM in the evening, I re-entered ISBT with a relief that I got Cellphone but with uncertainity in mind about Bus availability. I stood in a queue for approximately 45 minutes to get a ticket. When my turn came, I was told that Tickets are not available for today and then I had to buy a ticket for next day. Half heartedly I came back to Gurgaon and I reached Gurgaon at 11:30 PM.

It was a bad day for me. But after a long time I faced such a difficult situation and I was surprised with my own behaviour in that situation. You will say that Any fool will call on his/her own cell number first in this situation But fact of the matter is what you do when you are actually in tough position.If and then does not exists in real world.


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