Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Live your Dreams !!...

Dream is way towards Unthinkable...
Dream is an Inspiration...
Dream is a Motivation to achieve........
Dream is a Thirst to prove.....
Dream is a God Gift to keep going forward.......
Dream is happiness, if achieved...

That's why we all work towards achieving our own dreams, I am no more different. But very few of us enjoys the achievement of dream, we all are so practical that many times we don’t even realise that our dream has fulfilled and we do not really enjoys it.

Acknowledgement of our own achievement gives an immense energy and faith in our self to move ahead much faster and efficiently. It’s a marathon whereby runner is charged with more and more energy to move ahead with every mile he / she finishes.

Road ahead of us is not an easy the way it looks to be. Dreams are always good to see but make sure you put all possible efforts to make them reality of the world. Lot many things have been made possible which were impossible in this world, with dedication and focus. IMPOSSIBLE word itself says that “I M POSSIBLE”.

No matter you see Dream with close eyes or open eyes, it is something which makes you crazy and you go beyond limits of your mind. Lot of people want to do mutliple things in life and put no efforts, are not called Dreams, it’s a wish list, which would never come true. So let’s make our wish lists a Dream and work towards it, trust me you will be the happiest person on the earth.

Let’s celebrate what we have done.
Let’s convert our wish list into Dream.
Let’s work to achieve what we Dream.
Let’s break the limits of our mind.
Let’s trust our selves and our own strengths.
Let’s make the best out of opportunity in front of us.
Let’s show everyone that faith is the biggest strength.
Last but not the least, “Everything starts from mind” and “Sky is the limit is an excuse, limits exists in mind”


  1. Nice post. It is always good to see people expressing themselves in different ways.

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  2. wonderful post that brings out positive energy. great job

  3. Hey!

    “Sky is the limit is an excuse, limits exists in mind”. nice lines!

    True, one must dream on. I wonder what would life be without dreams?!



  4. True, without any dream in mind, one can achieve nothing.The stronger the dream, likely to get nearer to success. I had many dreams, some came true some took me nearer. You can read about it at the following link-

  5. I fully agree with you Mr S.R. Thanks for parking here :)

  6. IN the world of chasing dreams we forget to celebrate our dreams and what a motivational post it is.....great.

  7. Thanks a lot Pratibha for liking the post :)



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