Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rain !!..

Its 7:20 in the evening and as usual I am playing with my Laptop.

Weather these days is too pleasant and looks like Monsoon timings have shifted from June-Aug to Sep-Nov, but on a serious note this unexpected behaviour of weather is all due to Global Warming and increasing pollution levels around us.

Today in office during lunch break I felt like winters have started, sky was full of light clouds and Calm Winds were moving clouds in one or the other direction. Cold winds were as if saying that let's fly without wings. Despite the work I spent little more time outside my office, because I knew this would not happen again.

Our office building is built of Glass, hence we can see outside from our workstations. It was 3:00 PM when it started raining slowely. As usual most of us kept on starring outside to enjoy the view, as if we all want to go outside and enjoy the rain. People outside our office started running to take shelter, two wheeler's accelerated their vehicles and some of them stopped between trees. In couple of minutes the link road was empty however the highway was still busy and vehicles moving on it made highway bit invisible with water. The weather looked as if Snowfall will start soon. It kept on drizzling till 5:00 PM.

When I left the office it was around 6:00 PM and it takes around 20 minutes to reach my Paying Guest. It was hardly five minutes when I moved out of office parking and it started raining heavily, I was on my bike and I had no rain coat with me. It was exactly opposite of what happened during day time. The rain was so heavy that in couple of minutes the roads were full of water, thanks to Gurgaon Municipality, No Sewerage Systems. The speed of all vehicles came down and started moving with the help of headlights as the Visibility was very poor.

In couple of minutes I was completely wet and it was difficult to drive bike, but I could not think of any alternate rather than to keep on moving slowely. One place which brought little hope was 'under construction Metro Station', the road goes below it. When I reached there, I think all bikers going towards Delhi were parked there, some of them were completely wet like me and some unlucky guys could predict the weather and were safe there. For a while it was like storm and water started coming there as well. All my clothes were sticking to the body, even it was difficult to take out cell phone from pocket. I always enjoys such experiences but this time I was little hesitant because of my shoes. Guys I have only one pair of formal leather shoes rest are casuals ans sports shoes.

I stood at metro station for half an hour, now cold winds had started hitting hard on wet body. Rain had stopped to an extent when I took a call to leave, some of other bikers also left. But when I came out of metro station it was much more hard for me to drive than earlier and despite my efforts to protect my shoes, I landed at my PG with wet shoes, offcourse clothes were also wet.

Sipping hot tea after such an exprience is like fulfillment of some long awaited wish. Now I dont know how will I go to office tomorrow with my wet shoes. I have one pair of shoes from Numero Uno, I will try them if it works, I dont know.

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