Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Adorable Sweet Friend

Full of life,
Smiling in all circumstances,
Simple life style,
and I run out of words to express beyond this.........

Whenever I think about "My Sweet Friend", life looks so easy, so beautiful and I forget all my problems.
I am fortunate that I get bit of attention from her.....

I never feel like complaining to her for anything, she is just adoreable. Gaining tremendous respect and faith is natural in her.

I am selfish of being saying that I want to spend lot and lots of time because I am fond of her.
Her sweet voice, her childish smile and her innocent looks are incomparable in this world. List is not yet over, She is the only one person I ever have seen on this planet who never criticize people around her.

Yes, there is more to it, no matter how angry she is with me, She always end-up similing while fighting with me, and anger goes away.

I am lucky to have God always with me in the form of "My Sweet Friend".

Unfortunately God has made only one person like this for our planet.

I have lot and lot to write but I am running out of words but surely would come back with lot more.....

My Beautiful Small World

Someone said that I need to come out of the virtual cell I have created for me. But we all have created cells for us as per our own convenience. It is just a matter of suitability to each others.
Everything is subjective here, then why do I need to worry about what others think about my "Cell" ?

My father says that "Believe in God and keep going" and that's what I have been doing.

Yes the way forward seems hard but my determination would not led me down.
Unfortunately sometimes our presence is seen with lot of subjectivity and conditions, the real efforts and honest intentions are ignored. Thats what hits me the most, Why this ??

But then my soul says if you are convinced that you did your best and you acknowledge your efforts, to hell with rest of the world.
At the end of the day, Love and Passion for yourself matter the most than anyone else's for you.

Its One Life to Live, One Life to Love, Its very precious, so I care for it and thank god every day for it.

Now whether I create a cell for me or not, how does it matter ??? At the end of the day, this so called "Cell" is my beautiful small world for me.



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