Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Adorable Sweet Friend

Full of life,
Smiling in all circumstances,
Simple life style,
and I run out of words to express beyond this.........

Whenever I think about "My Sweet Friend", life looks so easy, so beautiful and I forget all my problems.
I am fortunate that I get bit of attention from her.....

I never feel like complaining to her for anything, she is just adoreable. Gaining tremendous respect and faith is natural in her.

I am selfish of being saying that I want to spend lot and lots of time because I am fond of her.
Her sweet voice, her childish smile and her innocent looks are incomparable in this world. List is not yet over, She is the only one person I ever have seen on this planet who never criticize people around her.

Yes, there is more to it, no matter how angry she is with me, She always end-up similing while fighting with me, and anger goes away.

I am lucky to have God always with me in the form of "My Sweet Friend".

Unfortunately God has made only one person like this for our planet.

I have lot and lot to write but I am running out of words but surely would come back with lot more.....

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