Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where are those Postmen ?

Couple of days back during lunch break we spotted an Old guy with Cycle carrying some letters, so the obvious guess was that he is Postman (But he was not) and we started wondering how technology has eliminated the role of a Postman.

An Old man with white beard, Khakhi uniform carrying a Bag full of letters and a Cycle, and he use to go door to door to deliver the letters and some children following him.

I still remember my student life days when I use to write a letter to my father stating that I am perfectly fine and awaiting a reply. I use to get the response in 10-15 days time, and chain of letters followed.

Today the technology has changed the entire life style. Now instead of handwritten letters we are into Emails and instead of calling from PCO booth we all have mobile phones. But the change has brought lots of good than bad.

I wonder what will I write ten years down the line when technology will be on different heights of success. From Desktops to Laptops to Netbooks to Netpads and so on so forth....I cant even imagine what next, so tough to imagine ten years from now.

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