Saturday, August 14, 2010

The World that I imagine!!

No boundary, No Borders, No Wars, No terrorism, No Global Warming, No Nuclear Weapon threats, No Conflicts and list goes on. Each one of us aspires for this world.

I wish human being in ancient times did not draw boundaries and divide beautiful earth into parts.

A world full of love and affection. Terrorism free world.  This has threatened the entire humanity.

A world where there is no dispute on ownership of geographies. People live with peace, Love, affection and support each other to live better and happily.

We are celebrating 64th Independence Day of India. But our brothers and sisters in Kashmir are boiling for independence.  Common Wealth Games are a month away and Corruption & Politics on it has hampered the work, our country’s image is on stake.

I imagine a world if there was no division of geographies, issues such as Kashmir would not have cropped up and people who deserve to live in heavenly Kashmir with Peace are struggling to live life freely.
Think of the sacrifice done by Soldiers and pain of their families which is incomparable and can not be valued in money terms. Think of the mother who kept waiting and waiting for her son to return from War of Kargil, a Wife who had infinite dreams about happy married life, a Father for whom his son was courage and reason to live and a teenager child who did not even understand where his/her father has gone. People don’t even know the names of these brave Soldiers but we know the names of Bollywood celebrities.

Increasing Global Warming is also not less than terrorism for life on earth. What if all of us become aware of the consequences of our action or inaction on Climate and Environment around us. Let’s opt for Eco Friendly modes of transportation, cooking and electricity. In India, in today’s culture Cycles have become the mode of transportation for poor only. Why can’t Cycles be used within Cities and save the climate? Solar Energy is the best resource for cooking and lighting. These small initiatives can lead to paradigm shift in our thinking and lifestyle.

Imagine a situation that everyone is Sports / Adventure freak and believes in Healthy and Happy life. Imagine a situation all workplaces have mandatory workout and fitness guidelines. All of us would be really full of life. Today hardly anyone of us can imagine a situation that if we wish to take a break in workplace, then lets go a play Soccer in office lawn. I would love to see such things happening everywhere in the world.

Education, not everyone is blessed in today’s India as far as Education is concerned. We talk about right to education but ground reality is other way round. Some people to get to study up to fifth Standard and some lucky ones reach till 8th or 10th Standard in interiors of India.  The student who pursued study till 5th Standard has discontinued studies not because he is incapable but because he can not afford beyond it. He has responsibility to run his household on his small shoulders. Till my fifth standards we were five students (out of which one Girl Student). In terms of ranking Girl use to be the topper and then other three boys and I use to be the last one. Girl’s parents could not afford her further studies so had to discontinue her studies at fifth standard. We four boys moved ahead. All of us studied till 8th standard together when one of us had to leave the studies because of financial matters. Rest two did not continue studies after 10th Standard. For all of them the reason to not to continue studies was same, Money, Money and Money. My father kept me encouraging to study and I became CA in 2004. When I meet my class mates and look at their life style, it really forces me to think that they deserve much more than what I have got.  They work on Daily Wages and witnesses extremes of weather and lot of other adversities and earn living. Believe me all of them were way ahead of me in studies, but what made them to live this kind of life is the Financial situations and lack of infrastructure. And Situation of current Education systems has not improved to reach to that kind of talent which hiding somewhere in the interiors. I dream a day when all such kind of students gets all amenities they need to build a great nation.

What if Government starts functioning like efficient Private Corporate world? Today’s bigger issues will never be bigger then. Delhi can be prepared for Common Wealth Games in six months, that too at competitive cost. Roads, Bridges and flyovers would never be the matter of discussion and corruption, such things can be built overnight. We will see more and more Technology being used for public dealings.

Dreaming has no limits but making them true or materialize it is not a cakewalk, especially when it comes to issues such Education at wider scope and Terrorism across the world.

It’s been 64th year of independence for India and we are not at the pace of growth and development which China is on, let’s hope that we will soon move fast of Education, Reduction in Poverty, Nutritious food to all, higher standard of living and prosperity.

Happy Independence Day to You!!

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