Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ladakh Bike Trip - Pang to Leh, Moray Planes and Taglang La Pass with Extra Luggage (Day 4)

Pang is a small valley full tents wherein all travelers (mostly bikers like us) on Manali Leh highway takes shelter for night. Leh is 200 kilometer away from Pang.

A view of Pang

The ride from Pang to Leh seemed easy as compare to last 3 days ride. On the way we had to cross Moray Planes (riding in sand and deserts) and World's Second highest motorable Pass, Taglang La pass of 17,582 feet altitude.

The day started with Coffee prepared with love by Ladakhi host lady. By day 4, we all had become habitual of  performing some standard activities in morning except the obvious ones. These activities were to pack the bags, load it properly on bikes, tighten bungee ropes hard and check your bikes.

While we were busy wrapping our way towards Leh, the Host lady handed over some chocolates and biscuits to us. She said "This you eat on the way and ride safe". It was so touching and humbling experience that my entire day was all happy.

Sudhir loaded his bag on my bike and he was pillion with Anurag. Hardly few kilometers and his bag tilted on one side and mine to the other side. I had no option than to carry his luggage on back. It was really uncomfortable riding with that tall and heavy bag.

Overloaded me with Sudhir's luggage

My struggle with Sudhir's luggage was on and road suddenly disappeared, thats was the beginning of Morray planes. There were plenty of pathways in entire desert and all ended at one place only. The road became softest possible. Tyres of my Royal Enfield were in sand many inches. I was trying hard to maintain the balance of my bike and "extra luggage" loaded on me.

Morray planes

We stopped at no where in the middle of desert away from normally followed routes and had fantastic photo shoot. Despite low oxygen all of us made all possible efforts to click best of pictures "in Action"

Posers trying to have fun at Morray planes in Low Oxygen

Moray planes took us almost one and half hours to complete and it was really fun to ride on sand with no idea of how deep the sand was. Now the steep uphill ride was towards world's second highest motorable pass Taglang la. By now we were bored of crossing passes. In an hour or so, we reached at the top of Taglang La pass. To our surprise, most of us had headache due to low oxygen. Another surprise was Sudhir's quietness. He was disappointed as he was not riding today and above that he had severe headache.

Downhill ride of Taglang La pass towards Leh was painfull. Most of the road was under repair and a layer of stones was everywhere to ride on. As it is I was facing huge problem in downhill ride and by now Sudhir's heavy backpack was hitting me hard on soldiers and neck. Anurag was kind enough to take the backpack from me for rest of the ride. The combination of good roads and less luggage gave me enjoyment of heaven.

Finally some good roads to ride

Upshi was the town where we stopped for Lunch. Leh was hardly 50 kilometer away from here. Surprisingly we were riding on time that day. The first major milestone was an hour away from us. We all sitting quietly waited for lunch when all of us were complaining about noise of silence.

Last stretch of first major milestone was very easy to complete. We reached Leh in late afternoon. Searching a hotel was never a problem in Leh.


  1. so you got leh'ed? :)

    ps: as one of my friend posted on fb, he wants to get leh'ed...i should share the link with him :)

  2. Hey Chintan, Yes I got Leh'ed. Thanks for sharing my blog.

  3. hey i remeber the changing sky at morray was the best part of the trip...ur group reminds me of something really funny...will tell u wht wen v talk......amazing pics al always...u r superb

  4. Thanks Nandita, I do agree that Morray planes were the best part of ride. Deserts all over and riding in the middle of nowhere was awesome.

  5. Rahul,
    Enjoyed reading this. Lovely pics too. Liked the one where you are having fun in low oxygen

  6. Thanks a lot The Floating Clouds. Thanks for your appreciation. We enjoyed every moment of the trip. Perhaps most fascinating trip of my life.

  7. Thanks for your Posts Buddy.. Really enjoyed reading all of them about the Trip ..

    I was planning a trip to Leh last year and some sudden changes had me being shipped out the country instead.

    Hoping to come back to India soon one day and complete this Un-started/Un-Finished Journey..

    Until then
    Ride Hard..Travel Far... Do it soon :)


  8. Thanks a lot Shrijeet, Leh is heaven, a must visit place. Above this I had great riderd around me.

    And I do believe in riding hard and travelling far :)

  9. Thanks for giving guidance about Leh and say it heaven. My friend are making a plan to go at hill station but they doesn't having ideas about it so after reading this post i can make help them...



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