Thursday, November 11, 2010

My First DSLR Camera - CANON EOS 500D

Disappointing quality of pictures from compact digital cameras led me to look for DSLR camera which will tackle all the problems I was facing with compact digital cameras. Keeping in mind that I am not a professional photographer it was a bit of challenge to marry price of the camera and quality of pictures to make it value for money deal and a win win situation. My research on internet world went on for months to conclude on the make and model of my first DSLR. Honestly I myself was not exactly clear what all I was looking for?

Downloaded from Internet world
Somehow I manage to reach the final stage of my research on make and model and it was Canon EOS 500D. Yes Nikon 5000D was in game till last moment but my comfort with Canon helped me stick to the decision to buy only Canon.

In first week of November 2010 I finally got much awaited DSLR Canon EOS 500D at cost of INR 34,000 only. The first thing I liked about this camera was its looks, it looks superb.

The key features it brought:-
  1. 15.1 Mega Pixels resolution. (Don’t really need it)
  2. 3 inch LCD screen with 920K pixels. It is far better than some of desktop screen resolution
  3. Self Cleaning Sensor Unit
  4. Extremely less start up time i.e 0.1 Seconds
  5. High Definition Video
  7. EFS Lenses 18-55mm with image stabilizer and auto/manual focus
First Test of Canon EOS 500D
The time was to test its efficiency on ground. I started exploring it with Auto mode. The first thing I found interesting about it was its Shutter Speed, it fascinated me so much that I ended up clicking numerous pictures without trying to use various options the new gadget had brought. Compact Digital Cameras has frustrating shutter speed but Canon EOS 500D was delivering pictures in fraction of seconds.

A Dark ceiling of Old Temple in Chamba
Auto Focus / Manual Focus
What to say about it, irrespective of whether the lenses are set to 18mm or the extreme 55mm, Auto Focus does real wonders. You will not even realise when lenses have done their work in terms of focus. It just happens real-time. Of course in manual focus, you will have to adjust the focus manually at level where the clarity is on it peak.

With 18mm EFS lense in Auto Focus mode
Image Stabiliser
Tried my camera while travelling on Bus of hilly terrains and rough roads, results of the pictures because of amazing shutter speed and effective image stabiliser, produced great quality pictures.

Clicked from running Bus
Pictures at Night or in Low Light
This was one of the main reasons for me to opt for DSLR. Canon EOS 500D solved my problem. You just forget about the word “BLUR” in your pictures. Not even a single dot of blur on night/low light pictures. I could catch some great moments of Diwali night in Gadget.

Diwali Night. A picture without flash
Close up Shots
This was another fascinating part for me. I love to click close up pictures for small flowers and species. This time again my choice buying of Canon EOS 500D proved me right. No matter how close you take camera to the object, EFS lenses and Auto Focus ensures high quality blur less picture.

Clicked with 55mm EFS lense from a distance of few centimeters
The camera has different basic shooting modes which are:-
  1. Full Auto - Applicable in almost all conditions
  2. Portraits - For Portraits pictures with more focus on close-up
  3. Landscapes - For wider view of Landscapes. I did not find it different from Auto mode
  4. Close-Up - Ensures more clarity of object and blur background
  5. Sports - For moving objects. Quite an useful mode
  6. Night - Ensure Blur less pictures in night
  7. Disabling Flash - Comes handy where Flash is not allowed e.g museum etc
  8. Creative Auto - As per me it’s a Semi Manual mode wherein you can adjust Flash firing, Blurring/sharpening background or object, adjust recording quality and drive mode.
Apart from Basic modes the most important part comes with Advance shooting modes which includes Program AE, A-DEP, AV, TV and of course Manual mode.

I have not yet explored Video mode at all so doesn’t know the actual delivery against highly talked about HD Video of this model.

Turn off of Canon EOS 500D:-
Really difficult to find out technical flaws in this brilliant work but:-
  1. It is so delicate that you need to take extra care of it unlike compact Digital cameras which can be carried in pocket without hesitation.
  2. As a consumer I would expect DSLR manufacturer to focus on Size of the camera. If you wish to carry it regularly you just can not do it.
  3. In Auto Mode, The flash goes up automatically with great speed which disturbs the photographer. It can be designed in a manner that it goes up gently and softly.
  4. Features like Bluetooth or infrared can make such model friendlier with Computers rather than traditional way of transferring data with the help of cable.
All in all the experience with this master piece has been amazing and I found it real value for money product.


  1. Wow.. Really good information through ur blog. Loved the way the details are expressed so simply yet in a very effective way. From the side of consumers, this what we want. Keep up the good work with the cam. Expecting to see more beautiful pics.

  2. Thanks a lot Reena. During my research on Internet regarding best make and model I came across only about theory, So I thought I will write something which is useful for others.

    I will surely upload nice pictures but I am more active of Facebook regarding pictures.

  3. waw too grt. sir ap to amir khan ho gaye ho Mr.Perfectionist. But the explanation was too good like alwaz in clear words and picture quality is superb.
    I am also motivated to purchase this camera soon and become a photographer.:-) smile and cheers

  4. Hi Rakesh ! Thanks for your feedback. A word of Caution, When you are going to buy DSLR, make sure you do your own research and understand pros and cons of considered model and make, If I have bought Canon does not mean that the same make and model will suffice your objective. Cheers

  5. Thanks a lot for this wonderful information. I have used the D1000 several times and am thinking of going for one myself in the near future.

  6. Hi Juzar !! If in case you are looking for entry level DSLR with great picture quality, Canon 500D is best, Canon has launched 550D as well with few additions to 500D but I did not find it worth as the difference in price was Rs 15,000/-

  7. Nice blog,
    in regards to what you don't like about the camera just so you know, and this may make you even happier with camera but,
    1. The 500D is on the same chassis as the 450D and the 1000D I believe so its pretty small for what your getting. the 550D i think is larger and if you ever move to another SLR like a 5D or 7D you will notice their size however it does not bother me now.
    2.if the flash went up slowly/ gently then the camera would take more time per frame.
    3.Bluetooth would make the camera bigger and heavier and sending picture files that are around 15MB per image in RAW seems like a bad idea to me.
    Hope you have fun with your canon, in my and many other photographers opinion they are now the best cameras in the world.

  8. Thanks a ton Anonymous. I completely agree with your views. 550D is good deal only if you are interested in HD video.

    Well, I am really having fun with 500D.




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