Monday, November 15, 2010

Tips for running Half Marathon

Delhi Half Marathon countdown has begun and it will end exactly after 5 days from today i.e 21st Nov 2010. My registration for this year has been confirmed and I am too excited for the event. Practice for long runs is on and so is the focus on nutritious food.

Its not only practice for longer stretches which would make your half marathon successful run but also the food intake for at least last couple of weeks before half marathon.


Running is an activity or sport in which relatively lesser gears are needed. Some critical things to do:-
1)      The most important is to have best of the running shoes. Do not get carried away on saving small amount of money by compromising on cheaper brands.
2)      Normally people tend to least bother about quality of Socks. It becomes more important to have best socks as it will be in direct contact with feet throughout the run. Right choice of socks will protect your feet from blisters and discomfort caused by high temperature around it.
3)      Knee caps are advisable for people who are not comfortable with their knees on long runs like half marathon.
4)      Dress should be preferably, Shorts and T Shirt, needless to mention that make sure that you are comfortable with dress.
5)      Avoid carrying unnecessary accessories with you.


If you are running first time for Half Marathon and you have not practiced longer stretch as equal to 21KM, it is highly likely that you would not be able to complete it in Half Marathon event. Moreover if in case you are completely not into running, in those cases forget about Half Marathon without practice.

Here is how one should approach practice:-
1)      Practice everyday minimum of 5 to 8 KM starting two months before the event. Run on longer stretches of 15, 18 and 21KMs in between at least once.
2)      Do not run continuously more than three days; take minimum one day break after three days run.
3)      Do not accelerate suddenly and vice versa; run at same pace.
4)      Avoid hard surface like Roads.
5)      Do spend few minutes on Stretching before and after the run.
6)      To avoid injuries run at pace as per your comfort level, it’s a practice for 21KM and not for 100 Meter wherein speed plays a great role.
7)      Do take nice sleep everyday, it will reflect in your efficiency of next day’s run.
8)      Do not get carried away with nicely marketed supplements available. It promises to give you so many things but in reality takes away lot of precious things from you. My advice would be to stay away from them.
9)      Longer stretches like Half Marathon not only check your physical strengths but to large extent your mental strength. Set your own goals and measure your efficiency against it, it will keep you motivated and going.
10)   Treadmill is the biggest enemy for runners. Treadmill Dashboard shows nice number in terms of your speed calories weight etc but fact of the matter is that after practicing on treadmill (at least a month) when it comes to actually running on surface you will realise that you are not even able to do 1KM.  
11)   Stop the practice completely at least 4 days well before the event.


Nutrition and food intake is vital part for any runner. No one would like to add extra pounds well before events like Half Marathon. So we need a detailed nutrition and food intake plan. 

Food need to be selected focusing on four following contents:-
1)      Carbohydrate
2)      Protein
3)      Fat
4)      Water

Carbohydrate is most important content to be taken. The source for Carbohydrate is banana, wheat, brown rice, beans, corn, carrot, guava and mango etc.

Protein needs to be balanced to large extent so do not go high on it. The key source for protein would be Eggs, Pulses most importantly soyabeans, Cheese and Fish etc. Avoid eating Non Vegetarian food a day before the event or preferably two days.

Fat, a careful approach need to be adopted, lower intake as well as higher intake will be visible to you. Main source is Oils, Butter/Ghee, all fried Indian food and non veg and egg etc.

Water plays key role among all. Make a point to drink lot of water and you can also take Fresh/canned juices. Say no to Supplements or energy drinks.

Now you are ready to make a record. When it comes to the event like Delhi Half Marathon it really does not matter whether you are in top of point’s table or not, such events leaves a life transforming impression which becomes the source of infinite motivation to live life happily.

This time it’s your turn go ahead and make it happen, HAVE A GREAT DELHI HALF MARATHON.

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