Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another toy I added to my kitty - TREK 3700 Cycle

My new TREK 3700
My plan to move out of Delhi to Himachal on new project ignited the zeal to purchase a Cycle to explore thrilling treks in Himachal Pradesh. I googled all the brands of cycle available in India and decided to buy the best brand with moderate price range. Finally I concluded to buy Firefox based on reviews written by Firefox owners and price range of few brands which I had selected on internet were between INR8K to 10K.

 I visited the Firefox distributor in Gurgaon on 13th April 2011 in Plaza Mall at IFFCO Chowk. There the Firefox cycles did not appeal me much and the one I found quite exciting was of INR 30K which was not the value for money for me. I happen to meet a cycling enthusiast in his early forties, who helped me with pros and cons of various models available. We came across selected range of TREK cycles with the same distributor.

Trek 3700 on a cycling terrain
TREK's sturdy looks attracted my attention towards TREK 3500 with a price tag of around INR 16K. Then I learnt about Trek 3700 which is the upgraded version of Trek 3500 with front shockers. The price I told was INR 18.5K. I had come with a budget of maximum INR 10K and an extravagant devil inside me was taking me towards INR 19K now. Trek 3700 on display was of Pearl White color, the moment I saw Black color model with little shade of military color, I made up my mind to take this toy home.

Trek 3700 came to me the plenty of features which are :-
  1. Aluminium black frame with sizes as per riders height. I bought 18 inch frame. The another frame available in this model was 19.5 inch.
  2. Bontrager 550 tyres are the real beauty of Trek 3700. Ideal for off road mountain biking
  3. 21 Gears from Shimano. Quite smooth to change but I read lot of reviews wherein people are not comfortable with its Gears, I am liking it because I have not tried any other cycle with Shimano gears.
  4. Mechanical disc brakes makes the ride comfortable.
  5. Seat design is beautiful and comfortable. Moreover its height can be adjusted as per comfortable level.
  6. Front tyre shockers are the real soldiers for off road biking.
As I rode the cycle out from Plaza Mall I felt the difference of riding Trek 3700 and a normal cycle. Its thick tyres with Shockers makes the ride smooth and comfortable. Even it rides well on mud and off roads.

The only thing I did not like about Trek cycles is that you need to add some basic accessories to it such as side stand, a lock and bell. All comes at extra cost.

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