Sunday, April 10, 2011

India against Corruption - Revolutionary Anna Hazare

Forbes Magazine's April first week issue published an interview with Anna Hazare with a title "I asked PM whether his team shares his values" wherein he talked about Lokpal bill and his plan to go on fast unto death on 5th April 2011. As I read the interview It looked really weired to me and somewhere in my conscious mind I said no body is going to hear you Mr Hazare and most importantly today's Indian media is not going to waste time on you, rather they air some comedy show or some horrific and baseless forecast about the end of this universe by 2012 . Moreover I did not have any history till that day about Anna Hazare. After that I just forgot about it till 5th April 2011 when everywhere on TV it was Anna Hazare at Jantar mantar.

Anna Hazare's initiative to end corruption will appeal to masses was unexpected and what people like most about it was his non violent way to show anger to corrupt system. His simple and calm attitude reminded everyone of Gandhi's way to reach freedom. Once again it proved that non violent way to get your demands fulfilled is most effective and harmless way in democratic world. I see this initiative as good as anger of people in Egypt and Libya, the only difference we had last week was to demonstrate unhappiness in harmless and dignified way.

Anna Hazare, a 73 year old man who served Indian Army as driver for 15 years and then a social activist who played an instrumental role in Right to Information Act is true inspiration to young people of India and a slap to groups who believes that violence is the only way to achieve their objectives. Anna's fast for almost four days attracted well known people from various societies, young professionals, Students and children.

As true Indian we have a responsibility towards Anna Hazare that we expose the corruption, corrupt people and corrupt system. This becomes really easy as Indian media has shown huge unexpected interest in it.

The fight against Corruption is not an easy battle, it has yet a long way to go, it will take years but the foundation has been laid down. Now it is up to the citizens of India, whether we keep this initiative alive or becomes another page of history and find a place in books only.

If democracy allows freedom of speech it also has its disadvantages. Now it is up to everyone who give up against corruption and keep this initiative alive.

Let's be united and fight this dragon together to end this with its routes.

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