Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Aspiring India - A chat which removed dust from old memories

Three days hectic official travel and I was heading back to Delhi via Shtabadi from Chandigarh. Road travel of four hours in Himachal and Punjab has made me so tired that I had decided to sleep once I reach at my seat in train. 

As TT came to our seat to check the tickets, I realized that my ticket is in bag which is in overhead cabin. So I requested the teenager boy, who was sitting next to me, to give me space to go out. He stood up humbly. I showed the ticket and Driving Licence to TT and came back to my seat.

The teenager boy sitting next to me asked some questions curiously that it touched my heart. Here is how he started the conversation ( and he was stammering) :-

Teenager :- Yeh jo aapne ticket ki jagah safed kaagaj dikhaaya tha, wo kya tha ? Kya yeh VIP pass tha ?

I found this question very stupid and replied casually
Me :- Nahin, yeh ticket tha, jo online book kiya tha ?

Teenager :- Online kya hota hai ?

Me :- Internet par jaa kar booking kar sakte hain. Tab yeh printout se kaam chal jaata hai.

He told his friend about the same and started the conversation again with me.
Teenager :- Agar online booking karein to kya tation (s silent) nahin jaana padega booking karne ke liye ?

Me :- Nahin tab printout se kaam chal jaata hai.
He was so excited as if he lived his half of the life in four walls without realizing the fact that there is outside world.

He did not ask any more questions, I dont know the reasons but I could read his body language that he had endless questions to ask me.

This short conversation took me into thoughts of how our young India aspires to excel. It reminded me of my old days when I was 14 year old and came out of home with small world around me to fulfill endless dreams which at that time were fantasies to me.

A young boy with no idea of which journey he has embarked on and incapability to see things with complex mind, was exposed to entire world in one go.

Eyes were full of dreams and fantasies, Heart was excited to see the changes life is going to bring and mind was afraid of all uncertainties around me. It was like the young teenager I met in train that everyday I got to know something new to learn and everything was "Eye Opener" for me.

Apart from Freedom, fear, emotions, affection, anger, dreams, fairy tales and fantasies, what I had was the selfless efforts of my parents who wanted to see me growing day by day.

God's grace and my parent's blessings not only made my dreams come true but also lot of fantasies became reality of my life.

Even today, Life for me remains as simple as it was a decade back as teenager. Probably the only thing which has changed in me is that now I believe 100% in my capabilities and believe that I deserve the best. 

Also I realized that the happiness for everyone lies in pursuing one's likes and hobbies. If you live life while pursuing all your hobbies and likes, the happiness and success is going to fall your way, and thats called Destiny as per me.

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