Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ranthambore Fort - Spectacular experience enriched with Royal History

3 Idiots - Me, Angsuman & Anurag
Three trips to National Park in last two days in search of Tiger and we were now tired and wanted to explore something different. The identical and invariable suggestion came from everyone was Ranthambore Fort. Since the trip was completely unplanned we had no idea of what to do and honestly all of us did not know anything about the fort.

Our Gypsy arrived at Hotel at 3:00 PM, as our train was late in night at 11:30 PM we were not at all in hurry to leave. Still we reached the base of the fort at 3:30 PM.

Ranthambore fort is situated in middle of Arawali hills, the landscapes makes a natural wall from all the sides and protect the fort. From outside it looked like just a wall.

As we started climbing the the stairs, guides started chasing but we were in no mood to higher a guide and wanted to explore the places at our own. However one guide chased us for long as Angsuman had given some hint to him that he is keen to higher. But Anurag and me were clear about not hiring. Finally Angsuman hired him at Rs 100/-. He started irritating us with his extremely loud voice.

We learnt that there are four gates for the fort and all of them were designed keeping in mind the War and protection from attack. Also he counted us n number of temples inside it, the main temples were dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. Apart from temples it has a mosque, Jain temple and a church. Since different kings ruled the state so they made temples as per their religions.

I could not explain the beauty of this scene in words -
Anurag, Me and Angsuman
As we reached on top, the spectacular architecture,green grass in huge lawn and open area everywhere took my breadth away. Although I am not a big fan of history but I fell in love with this place. From no where it looked like a fort, it was like a University campus covering entire landscape under it.

So many places to cover in short span and we were going from one place to another in hurry but then we decided to send back the Guide and spend some leisure time there. Yes a big thanks to guide who clicked lot of pictures for us.

Sunset at Fort looked like a heaven view with a lake and tree in front of it. Moreover by that time people had almost left the fort so the calmness around us added spice to it.

A view of lake from top of the fort gives an immense feeling of flying in the air and Cold breeze took me to the childhood days wherein we use to experience the same from the balcony of the our house on top of the hill.

6:00 PM we left the fort but no idea where? We asked our driver to drop us at Railway Station. It took half an hour to reach there. We entered the Station but soon we decided to explore local market if any. A road surrounded by couple of shops from both sides and we were done in 15 minutes.

Since we were tired we opted for Head Massage in Rs 20 each at local barber. This way we left the entire tiredness of Ranthambore National Park and Fort at Ranthambore market. Nothing to do by 7:30 PM so we went for dinner, where we spent two hours and then we headed towards Railway Station.

A lazy time of two hours and our train arrived at Platform. We met the same bull who had welcomed us by hitting me and trying me to push towards moving train.


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