Sunday, March 20, 2011

That Silver Light of Extreme Super Moon....

Extreme Supermoon behind tall buildings
The calm silver light of moon in dark night fascinates me to hold the entire universe in my eyes. Extreme Super Moon day was very very special for me because moon was much brighter and bigger than normal full moon day. I waited for the evening to come down excitingly like married woman waits for Moon to come up on Karva Chauth day in India.

As the Moon rose behind tall buildings of Connaught Place struggling with thin layer of clouds looked as if a kid is shying away from guests at home and playing hide and seek at his own. For a while moon came out of the layer of clouds and its brightness started spreading slowly on the city. Then the moon started hide and seek by taking shelter of clouds here and there for long. Small disappointment but I was hoping that moon will come up very bright and beautiful in sometime.

An hours travel in Delhi Metro Train and I landed at Gurgaon around 9:00 PM, After coming out from Station, the first thing I looked up was the moon, and I was stun to see its brightness and it looked so close.

To enjoy that Silver light I chose a play ground where there was no light. I stood there for sometime and felt like heaven. The moon exactly on top of me, looked so close that I could see the lines drawn on it.

Extreme Super Moon - 19th March 2011
Moon reminded me of those Astrologer and Scientists who claimed that Extreme Super Moon will cause lot of damage to planet earth. I looked at him and said "You are such a beautiful planet that I can not even imagine in my dreams that you can cause any damage to anyone. For me you are the symbol of beauty, calmness, life and forgiveness." I realized that he nodded and said, "I am here to spread Love through the silver light which in no way can hurt anyone on your planet"

I make a point to watch moon, especially on full moon day and I had never loved moon so much as I loved him on Extreme Super moon day.

I missed my hometown Chamba (Himachal) at that time and imagined how Extreme Super moon would look when it would rise behind Himalayas covered with Snow in front of our house. I could imagine how big and bright it was looking there, and its Silver light must be creating shine on Snow away from City lights like Delhi. There we never use lights once Moon spreads its love through Silver Light.

Few days later Astrologers and Scientists would start linking Japan tragedy with Extreme Super moon as nothing happened on Extreme Super moon day. But for me My Chanda Maama would remain as symbol of Love and Life forever.

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