Sunday, March 6, 2011

Safe driving in Delhi means not only drive safely but also save your self from others

Its an incidence or you may call it accident which reminded me of a casual chat I had with one of my friend three and half years back when I first came to Delhi, he said "Here you are not only suppose to take care of people on road but also need to save yourself from others".

I was on the way back after meeting a friend over coffee at Cafe Coffee Day in Gurgaon. In lazy evening I was in no hurry on my two month old Royal Enfield Classic 500. Moreover Auto drivers taking unexpected turns and stops had put marginal control over my speed.

As I was enjoying the thump of my Enfield on relatively empty road, a horn altered my mind and sensed that someone is really riding rash so better take a corner. However it was matter of seconds when Pulsar bike crossed me from right and unfortunately a Rickshaw with two fat ladies on it appeared suddenly in front of the rash rider and a pillion, needless to say that these teenagers were without Helmets.

The speed at which the guy was riding it was clear to me since beginning that he will not be able to control the bike. He applied the breaks but unfortunate that he hit the Rickshaw badly, lady luck prevailed and nothing happened to rickshaw as well as people on it.

The bikers fell to the left side, it was so fortunate that my bike's front tyre and the bike on road had few inches gap and thankfully I was safe. It happened so fast that I could not realize what has gone wrong at that point in time.

Later I realized that if I was at little higher speed the result would have seriously gone wrong. On the other hand if the rash rider had little lower speed, this would never have happened.

The irony is that when these guys got up from the road, they were laughing as if riding rash was a great thing. They picked up the bike, checked it thoroughly (more than they concentrated on themselves) and rode almost at the same speed.

Not learning from other's mistake is foolish but not learning from own mistake is injustice with life. And thats what they seemed to be doing.

Even I love the speed but not at the cost of life. I burn the desire of speed by burning rubber on highway with full safety. If you are really thrilled with speed, dont enjoy it at the cost of someone else on city roads, hit the highway for long rides and you will have fun.

Ride Safely and Live happily.

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