Saturday, March 19, 2011

Extreme Super Moon Day - 19th March 2011

Source : Google Images
When I first learnt about Extreme super moon day coming on 19th March 2011, it just clicked in my mind how beautiful it would look when it would be closest to the earth. As per records it will be closest in last 18 years. I straight away decided to capture those delicate images on 19th evening.

However the joy did not last long when I switched on TV and realized that it will bring lot of adverse effect on earth. Its strong gravitational pull can create high tides on the coasts, Earthquakes, hurricanes and extreme weather conditions. The first thing came into my mind was Japan. Poor guys have still not recovered from tragedy of Earthquake followed by Tsunami and are undergoing nuclear threat or disasters, above all if in case Extreme Super moon creates any havoc how will they live with it?

Then a kid inside me woke up and said, "How your favorite Chanda Maama can do any disaster? You have grown up watching him everyday admiring his beauty especially on Blue moon. When you click his images you always complain him that he is too far from you . When he is coming closure to you now, you are scared of him. He is not going to do any harm to anyone on this universe. So spend as much time as possible when he is nearer to you." 

Believe me, after this my whole perspective towards this special day changed and started imagining how will this evening be? People (Astrologers and Scientist) who are talking negative about Extreme Super Moon looked fool to me.

I may not be the expert of astrology and science but a kid inside me is excited to witness this special occurance and capture this as a special moment for lifetime when my Chanda Maama was closest to me.


  1. Supermoon will wash all your sins and maladies dear, be bold and hold your breath and pray to the almighty and see the prosperity unfold.

  2. The scientists feel the calamities that the super-moon is supposed to have brought on in the past, have occurred sometimes ten days before the Super Moon, at other times a month before the Super Moon, so such data is not completely reliable.

  3. Then again its just The Kid in you! ..Get the gorwn up in you to find some facts!..perhaps google? :P

  4. Deguide !! Thats true...Its rare ocassion so everyone is going to make most out of it.
    Indian Home Maker !! I do agree that there is no direct link with Supermoon and tragedies this world has seen in past, so enjoy the moment :)
    Sash !! If being a kid gives happiness out everything around me, then I would love to stay as kid my whole life and would wish that entire world remains kid and everyone lives happily. Cheers..

  5. i have a very strong bond with the moon since i was a small kid. my moods glow wid the growing moon.
    in ancient times moon was considered as a mother figure who heals & cools down all anxieties. i hav been experiencing it for long. this supermoon day , i think u must also try it
    stand still in the moonlight & let ur body soak the white light
    u wud know wht i am talking about
    i have written a few lines dedicated to the power of white light in my latest post as well

  6. Thanks Nandita for sharing your thoughts. We are exactly at the same page. Will check out your post as well.

  7. I hope you enjoyed your beautiful moon without guilt and took great pictures... Here is a link that you should like:

  8. Hey Anonymous !! Yed I did enjoy the unforgettable experience. I also clicked some images, which are in next post of this blog.



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